They tell you to ‘Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’.

This didn’t always apply to me. For many years I asked myself how someone in the accounting field could be so obsessed with fitness and nutrition.

I would spend my spare time researching facts such as ‘most nutritious foods’, ‘fat cells’ and ‘how to change my career path’

Most of my knowledge came not only from research but from my own life experiences. Being a mother of three I realised how important it was to educate our children about nutrition in a society where fast and processed food is slowly becoming a way of life.

I learned at an early age that eating the ‘right food’ and regular exercise would help maintain a healthy balance. As a child I was offered an occasional treat. It wasn’t there for me to help myself to and not as easily accessible as it is today. Our meals were nearly always simple, nutritious and light. I would imagine this reason being that I was one of seven children!

As the years passed it became apparent that more and more people were struggling to maintain their weight mostly due to unhealthy eating habits which was slowly leading to health issues. I watched many of my friends start different diets which involved crazy ideas such as eating from only one food group, drinking only fluids or eating food only five days out of the seven?! They would soon realise the implacability of these diets and quickly pile the weight back on and wonder why. What seemed so simple to me was not necessarily easy for others.

I began to offer advice on how to make simple changes that might lead to better choices. It surprised me that so many people were grateful for any help at all!

I soon became an information source for my family, friends and long standing gym buddies.  When spotted at the grocery store I would often be followed around the aisles in order to assess a nutrition information chart on a product.

I finally decided to take the plunge and enrolled myself in a Nutrition & Dietetics course. Yes, I was one of those annoying students who sat in the front row and continuously asked questions…and passed with flying colours.

Soon after, I designed a Healthy Meal Plan that incorporated the five food groups. My first client (my hairdresser) was excited and overwhelmed by the fact that he lost 10 kilos in 5 weeks simply by eating delicious healthy foods.

The word soon spread and I found myself inundated with requests for customised Meal Plans and queries about weight loss, healthy diets and healthy eating. I had entire families coming to me for help! I then decided that I would try to help people everywhere.

What is my goal? My goal is to guide, support and simply walk you through your challenges. Whether you need help in losing or gaining weight, whether you are on the verge of becoming a diabetic or whether you need guidance in helping to cook healthy meals for your family, or whether you are simply confused about nutrition and health, I am here to guide you.

Have I found a job that I love? Yes.

Will I never have to work again? Well, im sure that the person who created that saying did not intend on us taking it so literally.

Welcome to your ‘Fresh Start Meal Plan’

Juliette Bechara - Nutritionist

Juliette Bechara
Owner & Nutritionist,
Fresh Start Meal Plans